Shea Nerland LLP announces a new name, a new look and a new location

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Shea Nerland LLP announces a new name, a new look and a new location

Nerland Lindsey (formerly Shea Nerland Calnan LLP and SNC Law) today introduced our firm’s new brand at our new office in downtown Calgary.

The rebranding reflects the continued evolution of the firm, as well as our vision for the future.

Since the firm’s inception in 1990, Nerland Lindsey has been a recognized and lauded leader in legal solutions, both in Calgary and across Canada. Our firm’s leaders take pride in the firm’s award-winning casework and portfolio of cutting-edge legal solutions, which have continued to evolve as our legal world becomes more advanced.

Now, we see a future that is unfolding more rapidly than ever before. In this ever-evolving legal world, where the business landscape is constantly changing, we want to set an even higher bar for the way that our clients experience law. This is reflected in our new tagline: “Setting a Higher Bar”.

While our name, tagline and logo have changed to better represent where the company is going, Nerland Lindsey’s value to clients remains the same. At Nerland Lindsey, we chase the challenging, and thrive on seemingly unsolvable legal problems. We create tailored solutions to complex issues, crafted by our skilled partners and associates who practice cross-functionally in unique teams.

At Nerland Lindsey, we always put the client experience – your experience – at the centre of our practice.

To learn more about Nerland Lindsey’s new corporate brand and logo, call us at 403.299.9600 or email us at

Visit our new offices at:

1400, 350 – 7th Avenue SW,
Calgary, AB T2P 3N9

Please contact us at 403.299.9600 for more information.

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