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  • Adam Hoffman Headshot (1)By Adam HoffmanMay 25 2017
    Tax LawHow to Select a Good Accountant

    Selecting strong advisors is a difficult task. While the title of this blog is more aligned with current google searches (exasperated business people, I believe, frantically searching google for improvement on their current accounting advice), we as lawyers and tax practitioners often call the exercise of hiring a strong accountant (or any critical professional) the process of selecting a “trusted advisor”. The term “trusted advisor” means someone whom the owners and/or management of a business can call on for advice on a myriad of topics and trust that the business’ best interests will always be put first.  Typically, one or two outside professionals are critical to the success of the business. These professionals are outsiders who have the owners’ ear and take the time to provide reasoned and calculated advice.

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  • Adam Hoffman Headshot (1)By Adam HoffmanMarch 30 2017
    Tax LawTax Planning and Tax Risk

    The tax rules are byzantine.  Businesses require advisors to help them structure and properly report the appropriate amount of tax.  However, it is crucial to remember that this responsibility is ultimately borne by the person taxed and not the advisors (I affectionately call the “tax nerds”).  Businesses, whether active or passive, international or domestic, large or small, should consider handling their affairs like Canada’s largest institutions do; by hiring a tax manager.

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  • Adam Hoffman Headshot (1)By Adam HoffmanSeptember 12 2013
    Tax Law CRA’s Prescribed Interest Rate Expected to Rise in Q4

    A variety of different tax and estate planning strategies use the prescribed interest rate under the Income Tax Regulations. The tax savings can be substantial.

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