The practice of law is changing every day, and the effect of changing legislature on businesses is significant. We write about recent developments in the world of tax & business law, keeping a watchful eye on the changing landscape for our clients. See what we’re thinking about, and what your business should be looking out for.

  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkMarch 01 2018
    Tax Law2018 Federal Budget: What Private Companies Need to Know

    On February 27, 2018 the Department of Finance (“Finance”) released its 2018 federal budget (the “Budget”). Given the climate surrounding private companies, this Budget in particular was eagerly awaited by owner managers and tax advisors. While the Budget contains many items of interest for large private companies and high net-worth individuals with corporate-held investments, it is not as punitive as some have feared. 

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  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkDecember 18 2017
    Tax LawWill the Senate stop Liberals’ tax changes?

    On December 13, 2017 the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance released its report on the July 2017 tax proposals announced by the Liberal government. Over eight weeks, the Senate committee heard from 138 witnesses and received 32 written briefs.

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  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkMay 11 2017
    Tax LawPrivate Companies & Hybrid Transactions

    Reports of the demise of hybrid purchase and sale transactions due to the repealed eligible capital property (ECP) regime have been exaggerated. Vendors and arm’s length purchasers can continue to receive favourable tax treatment from hybrid sales, provided the vendor has sufficient cash or basis in the assets being sold.

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  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkNovember 25 2015
    Tax LawTaxation Changes of Employee Stock Options

    The new Liberal government has proposed to effectively increase taxes on employee stock options.  As part of their election platform, the Liberal government proposed to limit or eliminate a deduction on employee stock options for any taxpayer with more than $100,000 in annual stock option gains.

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  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkSeptember 17 2014
    Tax LawThe Taxation of Employee Stock Options

    Employers offer a variety of different forms of stock incentive compensation.  An understanding of the relevant tax rules is essential in designing incentive plans that meet the needs of both employer and employee.  This article will consider the most common type of incentive plan – employee stock options.

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  • Matt Clark Headshot (1)By Matthew ClarkMarch 08 2013
    Tax Law Rule Changes Target Personal Service Businesses (PSBs)

    If you provide services through a corporation, or employ such persons, you should be aware that recent legislative changes have dramatically increased the tax risks of such arrangements. According to these legislative changes, the tax payable by Personal Services Businesses (PSB) has been significantly increased.

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