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  • Shannon Headshot (1)By Shannon WilsonJune 27 2017
    Business LawTime to Move On… But at What Cost? Does an employer have to pay relocation costs after an employee has been terminated?

    Terminating an employee can be costly. It is well known that employers are required to provide the employee with notice of termination, or pay in lieu of that notice. When an employee is terminated, they must mitigate any damage resulting from their loss of employment. Where an employee fails to mitigate, or secures comparable employment during the notice period, their severance payment amount is reduced accordingly. However, added costs to the employer can result from the employee’s duty to mitigate. 

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  • Shannon Headshot (1)By Shannon WilsonMay 16 2017
    Business LawThis Isn’t Working: Minimizing Risk in Employee Terminations

    At the beginning of an employment relationship the employer and the employee are usually both motivated and optimistic. Often times the employer does not find it necessary to put pen to paper in order to solidify the employment arrangement by having a formal written agreement. Unfortunately, this lack of formality will often cause issues during the term of employment and will inevitably cause problems when the employment arrangement comes to an end, particularly when an employer determines that the arrangement is no longer working and terminates the employee on a without cause basis.

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  • Shannon Headshot (1)By Shannon WilsonJanuary 15 2016
    Business Law Can I use this? Limitations on Use of Recordings

    When is it safe to use recordings in a corporate setting? It is important to understand that privacy legislation limits the collection, use and disclosure of personal information gained from those recordings.

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