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  •  (1)By April 13 2018
    Tax & Estate PlanningTrust Residency Post-Fundy

    Matt Trotta and Rami Pandher of Nerland Lindsey LLP discussed recent jurisprudence and best practices in respect of provincial trust residency in their featured article first published by the Canadian Tax Foundation in Canadian Tax Highlights, February 2018.

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  •  (1)By October 20 2017
    Tax & Estate PlanningSecond Life for Post Mortem Tax Planning

    The Department of Finance released potential changes to the Income Tax Act on July 18, 2017, that would restrict the conversion of income into capital gains. Based on the initial proposals, this would significantly affect how private corporation shares would be taxed on death.

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  •  (1)By September 22 2017
    Tax & Estate PlanningDo I Need More Than One Will?

    Conventional wisdom indicates that one individual has one last will and testament where they dispose of all their worldly possessions. However, in recent years, personal asset ownership, families, and the laws surrounding them have been considerably more complex. 

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  •  (1)By September 13 2017
    Tax & Estate PlanningRRSPs, RRIFs and Estate Insolvency

    Many Canadians take advantage of Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) during their income earning years, which then mature into Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) upon reaching the age of 71. The advantage from these assets in life can quickly become a disadvantage in death due to the potential tax burden that these assets can pose to the post-mortem administration of an estate that was not properly planned out by a qualified tax lawyer. 

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  • Dennis Headshot 1 (1)By Dennis L. Nerland, QCJuly 19 2017
    Tax & Estate PlanningAlter-ego and Joint Partner Trusts

    Alter-ego trusts and joint partner trusts are special types of revocable inter vivos trusts, which, if correctly structured in accordance with our tax rules, enable you to transfer the property to them on a rollover basis.

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  • Dennis Headshot 1 (1)By Dennis L. Nerland, QCJuly 12 2017
    Tax & Estate PlanningFamily Trusts

    A family trust is a type of trust established solely for the benefit of your family. There are two primary reasons you might wish to create a family trust. First, you may wish to obtain a tax advantage. Second, you may wish to distribute assets to your children (who are designated as beneficiaries of the trust) while maintaining control over the assets in a safe harbour environment.

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