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Capital Markets

We can guide you through every stage of a financing transaction. See why we rank among the top law firms in Canada for the total value of capital raised by our clients.


We can guide you through every stage of a financing transaction whether it is start-up financing, an IPO, a subsequent private placement or public financing, or a secondary offering.

We have assisted our clients in raising over $5.0 billion since 2002. We consistently rank among the top law firms in Canada for the value of public offerings by clients. Our lawyers have experience as founders, directors, officers and investors in many public and private companies.

Our Capital Markets team has extensive knowledge and experience with financings in the capital markets, primarily through public offerings and private placements of a variety of forms of debt and equity securities. We have participated in some of the most innovative and unique transactions in the Canadian capital markets.

We are exceptionally experienced in securities regulations and their impact on business activities including mergers and acquisitions, public disclosure, corporate governance, executive compensation, equity-based compensation and more.

We have experience in:
  • Financings
    • Private equity investments
    • Public offerings and private placements
    • Seed capital financing
    • Angel investor funding
    • Venture capital financing
    • Mezzanine financing and bridge loans
    • IPOs
    • CPCs
  • Transactions
    • Private equity fund formation and capital raising
    • Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions
    • CPC qualifying transactions
    • Reverse take-overs
    • Amalgamations
    • Plans of arrangement
    • Lossco transactions
    • Take-over bids
    • Issuer bids
    • Going-private transactions
    • Related party transactions
    • Proxy contests
    • Due diligence
  • Compliance
    • Continuous disclosure (e.g. AIFs, information circulars, executive compensation, press releases, material change reports, MD&A, etc)
    • Oil and gas disclosure
    • Corporate governance
    • Securities legislation
    • Stock exchange rules
    • Exemptive relief applications
    • SEDAR filings
    • SEDI filings
    • Securities litigation


  • TSX, TSX-V and CSE listed companies
  • Private equity funds
  • Investment banks and exempt market dealers
  • Private companies and private income trusts

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